Peter Harris

Peter Harris

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Peter Harris


How were you introduced to your instrument of choice?

I was introduced to my instrument through my high school strings program and I played in that orchestra for 5 years.

What has been your experience playing for the PSO?

I enjoy the new and interesting music we play together.

Hometown/current residence?

My hometown is Sault St.Marie and I currently live in Peterborough.

What are some of your personal achievements/education?

I have a Bachelors of Science from the University of Guelph.  I teach science and try to use the more creative side of my brain in a way I believe will be key to my getting older.  I went overseas to Nigeria, into the jungle for a few years and brought my cello with me to play.  I’ve played with the McMaster symphony and at an early age I also played for the Sault St. Marie symphony.

What are some of your favorite playing styles/techniques/classical musicians/inspirations?

I had the opportunity to meet Yehudi Menuhin, I appreciate his lifestyle.  I’m also inspired by Pablo Casals and Yo Yo Ma.  I particularly enjoy more modern music.  I have improved my depth and connectivity to music over the years instead of being a passive listener.

What are some of your hobbies/personal interests?

I had developed an online school in the late 1990’s, through which I teach Sciences.  I have an old house that needs lots of repair so I’ve been busying myself with renovations.