Odette Burgess

Odette Burgess

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Odette Burgess


How were you introduced to your instrument of choice?

Thanks to a 1977 Wintario grant, two professional strings players came to my school and I was introduced to the cello. The bass was too big and the violin had too many notes.

What has been your experience playing for the PSO?

I always love playing for the PSO. The ensemble, everyone playing together, the camaraderie and the fact that it is composed of primarily local performers all add to my enjoyment of the PSO.

Hometown/current residence?

I am from Toronto originally and currently live in Lakefield, ON.

What are some of your personal achievements/education?

I graduated from Trent University with a B.A in Languages, specifically French and Spanish. I also studied Piano.

What are some of your favorite playing styles/techniques/classical musicians/inspirations?

Classical and Romantic Symphonies.

What are some of your hobbies/personal interests?

Nothing in particular to share.