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Joe McNab

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Joe McNab


How were you introduced to your instrument of choice?

I played Cello since I was 12. My father taught violin and we had a family string quartet with my brother, sister, myself and my father. I played for Lions Clubs and church services. I also played horn in a town band.

What has been your experience playing for the PSO?

I have been taking program notes for the PSO for over fifteen years. I joined the PSO because my wife wanted to play in the orchestra. My wife and I would commute to Peterborough just to play with the PSO. I believe Michael has been a fine musician and conductor. The PSO is the best non-professional group that I’ve played with. My experience with the PSO has been very satisfying. Our performances are high quality. I prefer living in the country, however I do miss out on being apart of the social fabric and developing greater camaraderie with the other players as a result.

Hometown/current residence?

Originally I am from the Bowmanville area. Now I live in the country in a private seniors residence in south Porcupine, Ontario.

What are some of your personal achievements/education?

I have a Master’s degree in music performance from State University of New York. I also have a Ph.D in music history. I have studied music education and have competence in teaching wind instruments. I also taught band at high school level for a few years.

What are some of your favorite playing styles/techniques/classical musicians/inspirations?

I started out playing chamber music so I had an early interest in it and also the quartet structure.

What are some of your hobbies/personal interests?

I enjoy woodworking, natural history, bird watching, botany, trees, and the outdoors.  I also enjoy reading the English classics and spending time with my two lovely grandchildren, whom I wish I saw more often.