Our Volunteers

Most of the wonderful people in our organization our volunteers – we couldn’t do it without you! ¬†From our community’s orchestra players, to our board, committees and office volunteers, we have a great many folks to thank. ¬†Come get to know us – through them!

Office and Event Volunteers

Luba Berezuk
Odette Burgess
Kyle Cannon
Barb Diceman
Bex Fisk
Sharon Fisk
Anna Kratochvil
Priscilla Kratochvil
Scott Lazure
Blair Mackenzie
Elizabeth McMahon
Chris Poole
Sarah Thomson

Music Librarian

Rheanna Leckie


Huw Morgan

Concert Reception Coordinator

Kathleen Mackenzie

Education Outreach Coordinator

Marilyn Croteau Chalk

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Find out more about joining our volunteer family here.